Keri is a counselor who has obtained her Master of Science in Professional Counseling from Concordia University. Keri firmly believes that everyone is able to change if they want to change. We all go through times during life that we feel stuck or not sure of what we want and that’s okay. As a trained clinical therapist with years of practice, Keri's approach is person-center focused based on an individual‘s unique characteristics, goals and principles.

With the proper guidance and support, therapy can help you make the changes you want to make or face the challenges you find difficult to face and empower you to make what you want of yourself and your life.

Keri has extensive knowledge and skills in working with individuals and families dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, relationship problems and addiction. Her goal is to provide an environment that is non-judgmental and interactive. Keri wants you to achieve the changes and growth you desire.